Murder Hobos - Borderlands Edition

Session 0

Roll them dice!

Tonight we began with ‘Session 0’ for my brand new home brew campaign titled Murder Hobos – Borderlands Edition!

You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this night lol. It’s been years in the making, already with a failed attempt to start up over a year ago. But as luck would have it, got a great group of guys together and we all had a blast! Kevin as the Human Ranger Giantslayer, Mark as the Elf Cleric, Mike as the Half-Orc Barbarian, Ronnie as the Dwarf Paladin, and 1 more character still to be rolled up! So we spent the night rolling up characters, step by step, and then we ran thru some example scenarios so they could get the feel of combat down.

BUT, unfortunately, the actual campaign will have to wait for a while. I’ve also been realizing another dream, and am now in the process of fleshing out a custom adventure module, Ziggurat of the Mad Metahedrons, based loosely on my all-time favorite D&D monster, the Modrons! My mentor and friend, Benoist Poire of GP Adventures, has graciously allowed me to place it in his world, The Hobby Shop Dungeon! So I went out and got a great group of people from the RPG community to help me flesh this out. Chet Minton is doing all the artwork, Dyson Logos did the artwork for the ziggurat and the maps, Glenn McClune will hopefully doing the battlemaps, and Benoist himself wrote up the new monsters! So that’s where the group comes in. Thru trial and error, they will be play testing my module to get it ready for publication by the summer! Very excited!



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